Friday, November 20, 2015


           This is my maths we had to find out to see if some questions were the same as another question.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My grandma

Rendered Image
My grandma sits in a chair looking as snug as a bug as she rocks away on her chair as if she is on a rocking horse all day long.  “how do you do this”, as she mumbles words to herself well she is working out the most confusing puzzles

She spends her afternoon having a delicious roast drizzled in gravy, with her friends.  Or going bowling.   And she will always goes to church every sunday.  whenever we go over to her house she will spoil us with chocolate biscuits, fizzy and lollies which is yummy because it has lots of sugar.  She also makes the most amazing scones and chucks a heap of cheese on top which makes it really nice.   
My Grandma has deep blue eyes as blue as the ocean with puffy bags under her eyes.  She has a sweet smile.  And her skin drops under elbows.  Her hair is grey and prickly like a prikle.

She doesn't have a job But always has a smile on her face.    My Grandma loves her rugby she watches it everyday and everynight It’s like she likes it as much as I like chocolate  She’ll yell at the television saying things like “ GO BOYS GO”,  and “TRY”, in a loud squealing voice.  

Some people might look at my grandma and think that she is as old as a tortoise, but I look at my grandma and see a sweet lady that gives me treats every time I go over to her house.  A lady that loves her rugby as much as I love my chocolate.  And a lady that goes blowing every week.


Character Narrative/Story for my grandma

Friday, August 14, 2015

how high is that tree

this is some maths I had to do we had to measure the height of a pole or tree using a climometer 

Friday, August 07, 2015

Statistics graph

                                                          Statistics graph
  We have been learning how to make graphs on goggle graphs and make scene in them.