Monday, March 10, 2014

Captain Cook

CAPTAIN COOKFile:Captain-James-Cook.jpg

Captain cook was a famous explorer he was famous for discovering New Zealand.
Captain Cook was born on October 27 in  1728 in Marton England.  Captain Cook was killed by natives in Hawaii.  Captain Cook’s full name is  Captain James Cook

Captain Cook sailed to the Pacific on a ship called the Endeviour.  He discovered New Zealand and first landed in Gisborne at the  place called Young Nick’s Head.  He went on to discover the South Island as well.

There was one thing that Captain Cook did not know about. It was a type of sea sickness that you could get it is called scurvy.  He also did not know that in the food that he was giving his crew had vitamin c in it so only one got very sick.

Captain Cook was a famous explorer.   He was the  first european person  to every discover New Zealand.