Monday, May 19, 2014

Hockey skills (Blocking)

Hockey skills

What is hockey?  Hockey is a sport that is played in the winter.  You can play it on fields ,turf or even ice.  It is played with a candy cane shaped stick  and also a small  hard ball. There has to be at least 11 people on the field at a time.  You also want to wear safety gear like mouth guards and shoes  just in case you lose your teeth on the way, or if the ball rolls onto your feet.

Blocking is a type of skill that you use in hockey.   Blocking is stopping the ball and controlling it.  It also helps when you need to strike the ball.  But at all time you need your eyes on the ball to know where the ball is going of course.

Firstly, to block you need to stand straight on and have the hockey stick facing the flat side.  You have to remember to  always  hit the flat side facing the way where the ball is.  

Secondly,  you need to have your body behind the stick.  This also means that the stick needs to be below the waist.  You have to have one hand down where the grip ends and one hand up the top where the grip starts.  Also you have to have your body behind the stick.

You need to give a little that means  when the ball is coming to you , you  need to move the stick back as well as moving your body back so the ball loses some force well it is coming towards you.

Finally, keep your eye on the ball this is the most important thing is to do because if you don’t you could miss the ball.   Or the other team could get the ball and score a goal or if you're the goalie and you're looking at the sky you would not be a  very good goalie then.

Hockey is a sport that is played in the winter . there has to be at least 11 people on the field at a time.  know you know how to block so next time you're playing hockey use  this skill.

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Thursday, May 08, 2014

photo.JPG This is my Kauri tree art.  The words on the outside discribe the tree.