Tuesday, February 03, 2015

My first few days in room 10 2015:)

My heart was pounding and butterflies were swirling inside of me on the 2nd of February.   I shut my eyes took a deep breath and got ready for school.  When I got to school I walked into my classroom.  After I meet Mr Kennie I started to calm down.   But not when I found out Nikita was not here yet I waited at the front of the gates.  And finally witch seemed like hours for me I went back to class and Nikita’s bag was there.”PHEW” .

After the bell had rang we stormed into class.  We did a quiz and got our laptops sorted after that it was time to go back home.  The next morning I was a happy chappy no butterflies were swirling inside of me.  We all ran into class and finished off the quiz we did some stuff on our computers and also got some more laptops fixed. And thats when I wrote this. :)

                                             The End