Monday, June 23, 2014

Matariki day

(workshops cooking)

On Tuesday 17th of June  we had a celebration for the stars of Matariki. We got to learn about maori for a day.   There were workshops set up for us, there was rakau, making a  Poi, weaving and also maori games. My favourite thing of all was cooking.
We had to to put flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and then we cooked it. When they were in the oven we looked inside the oven, they look like fish to me but it was  fried bread.  Sounds nice I thought to myself.

When they were out of the oven we got to eat them. There was golden syrup, butter and raspberry jam that you could put on them. I put on golden syrup and butter on mine.  It was really nice. Then I tried jam, I thought the butter one was better.

On tuesday the 17th of June we had a celebration for the stars of matariki and my favorite thing to do was cooking (fried bread).

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Mystery That Nobody Solved


My idea of the picture is that in the past there was a family living in a forest when they left strange things begin to happen who is doing it and why?
This story is a little bit scary so what age should it be for?

The story is about a family that are called the Herricks
they  moved into  the city but left Isaiah just in the bush and a huge house called the Herricks house. when Isaiah walked into the house and discover secrets but not only secrets but a 12 year old drama queen to help him on the way.

I chose the title the mystery that nobody solved because I just think it grabs the reders eye and also it sounds really intresting.  Next time when I do this I think I should position it bit more tidery and not all over the place here is a piture of it.

I think a good age for this book is 7 and over just because it can be scary.  This story is about a family that lived in the herricks house and left they also left a boy in the bush but what does he discover.