Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My week of Optimist Yachting

Monday 15th of September

It was my first ever  time doing Optimist yachting.  I thought  that it was going to be so much fun!!  But when you are on it for your first every time it was not fun at all well sort of.  My buddy was Imann and we started screaming as soon as we stepped foot into the boat. It was a windy day so when ever we turned the boat it went on lean and we thought it was going to capsize. And so my first day was a bit all over the place but I really liked the kayaks.

Rating: 4/10

Tuesday 16th of September

Todays was my second day for Optimist yachting also my birthday!  There was sort of a big current especially on the kayaks and I went on the kayaks with Ella under the bridge there was a lot of kayaks being smashed against the rocks and there were only three to four people that got under the bridge  and Ella and I where one of them.  But underneath the bridge it got even bigger and we got smashed against the poles.  The Optimist yachting was much better I went with Ella again and we glided across the water.


Wednesday 17th of September

Today was my third time going the current was really strong and ruf and so I only went kayaking I went in a four and we also attached some boats together we kept getting washed back up onto the shore because that is where the current was heading that way we stood up on our kayaks and had a water fight I also went in a boat with four people and that was Ella, Jasmine,me and Leilani.


Thursday 18th september

Today I was so tired from doing so much kayaking.  I went in a double  Kayak with Jasmine and I let her do most of the work.  In the yacht we had to go and touch some grass on the island and then come back we all hopped  out of the boat and onto the island to touch the grass  Ella was holding on to the boom and she was still in the boat. Then it caught a huge gust of wind and Capsized it took about 5 mins to turn it back over.
Anyway I had a lot of fun.


Friday 19th september

Today was my last day for Optimist yachting I was  so I tried but I tried to have as much fun as I could.  I jumped in the yacht with Nikita but we just keep going round in circles it was sort of like we were trapped in a bucket.  And Nikita wanted to hop out so we had to bring the boat back up on to shore.  So I went in with Mr Miller and then he took it back up on to shore and so I went with Mrs Roil I was doing the tiller and Mrs roil was doing the rope and so the Optimist Yachting was pretty good.  For Kayaking  I went in a single and I got so tired I could not even move my arms!

Rating: 9/10

Tuesday, September 02, 2014