Monday, May 18, 2015

Spider Attack

Rendered Image
Spider animated GIFSpider Drum animated GIFspider animated GIF Cute Spider animated GIFSpider animated GIF

Imagine this your ant going out for a walk then suddenly…. You hear scuttling noises and the grass is moving around.  You look around nothing is there so you keep walking until… You get stuck in a gooey slimey sticky web fighting to get out Then appears the 
spider spinning around making sure you don’t escape.   

All of a sudden he jumps on you putting venom into you.  But you can’t do anything because you are stuck in the web.  Then the spider backs away watching you in pain.  As he keeps spinning around you you are still fighting to get away but then.. He runs away and comes back with a  spider in its mouth and runs off again with the spider still in its mouth.  hghAnd you are still stranded in the web with only minutes  till the venom spreads right through your body but there's nothing you can do just wait and wait until            the time comes.

                                    THE END