Thursday, February 20, 2014

the kindness boomerang

(missing toy ) THE KINDNESS BOOMERANG When I was kind to someone I found Nicoles soft toy she got it when she was round 6 or 7 and cares about it a lot and I mean a lot. When the good came back to me: we went to Wellington we were staying at a friends house for round 3 days and when we went to go back to hasting I lost my soft toy and i got this when i was 3 so I was worried and they sent it back to my . (yay). What is the kindness boomerang? A kindness boomerang is when somebody does something good to somebody and then that person is good to someone and it


  1. Wow Emma.
    Your post is looking great!
    I like how you said what the kindness boomerang is in the end.
    Great idea of putting the video in too.
    Keep up the great work.
    Well done:)

  2. Emma I really like how you said what the kindness bomerang is