Friday, August 01, 2014

My Dad

                   MY   DAD
Half an  hour on the toilet here we go again come on  I really need to go hurry up JUST WAIT and there goes the growling voice.  Never mind, I don’t need to go now.  My Dad is really fun and spends hours in the bathroom.  He is really funny and sometimes whips us with a tea towel.  He loves the song happy but I don’t know why because he usually isn't that happy or doesn't have a smile on his dile.  My dad is really loud but that doesn’t mind us because the Jarvis house is never quiet.  We call our dad the Ginger so it is not my fault  I am redheaded.   Dad tries to be in as many triathlons as possible and he is best at his swimming.      

My dad would ALWAYS play tricks on me, scare me, do whatever.  My dad has a face that he always use’s whenever I get in trouble it is  sort is a demon look on his face.  It is scarey but I have got used to it over the past few years.  

Whenever us kids are naughty dad sort of reacts like this.  GET IN YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW!  dad say’s with a RED face.  I   Kick the walls and I walk down the hallway stomping as hard as I can slamming my door right behind me.  Dad stomps  into my room with a furious face on him.

Dads favorite thing in the entire world is us kids Kate,Nicole and ME (Emma).   He spends a lot of time he is  watching tv,  he watches it 10.7 and I am not kidding!  Unless he is out training for a triathlon or putting ice on his leg.   Dad is most proud of his marlene it was a HUGE fish.


  1. Awesome peace of descriptive writing Emma
    Well done Keep up the great work!!!!!

  2. Ha Ha Emma your dad sound funny now I know were you get the orange hair from,
    What a nice piece of writing,
    wonder if he would enjoy this piece of writing,
    Keep up the great work.

  3. Great writing Emma!
    the words in there were outstanding but there was some words I didn't really thought were the right words but either then that was an amazing story keep the story's coming.