Monday, October 06, 2014


           This is why you do NOT go rollar blading and carry a spade around at the same time
                                     because if you fall over this HURTS

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My week of Optimist Yachting

Monday 15th of September

It was my first ever  time doing Optimist yachting.  I thought  that it was going to be so much fun!!  But when you are on it for your first every time it was not fun at all well sort of.  My buddy was Imann and we started screaming as soon as we stepped foot into the boat. It was a windy day so when ever we turned the boat it went on lean and we thought it was going to capsize. And so my first day was a bit all over the place but I really liked the kayaks.

Rating: 4/10

Tuesday 16th of September

Todays was my second day for Optimist yachting also my birthday!  There was sort of a big current especially on the kayaks and I went on the kayaks with Ella under the bridge there was a lot of kayaks being smashed against the rocks and there were only three to four people that got under the bridge  and Ella and I where one of them.  But underneath the bridge it got even bigger and we got smashed against the poles.  The Optimist yachting was much better I went with Ella again and we glided across the water.


Wednesday 17th of September

Today was my third time going the current was really strong and ruf and so I only went kayaking I went in a four and we also attached some boats together we kept getting washed back up onto the shore because that is where the current was heading that way we stood up on our kayaks and had a water fight I also went in a boat with four people and that was Ella, Jasmine,me and Leilani.


Thursday 18th september

Today I was so tired from doing so much kayaking.  I went in a double  Kayak with Jasmine and I let her do most of the work.  In the yacht we had to go and touch some grass on the island and then come back we all hopped  out of the boat and onto the island to touch the grass  Ella was holding on to the boom and she was still in the boat. Then it caught a huge gust of wind and Capsized it took about 5 mins to turn it back over.
Anyway I had a lot of fun.


Friday 19th september

Today was my last day for Optimist yachting I was  so I tried but I tried to have as much fun as I could.  I jumped in the yacht with Nikita but we just keep going round in circles it was sort of like we were trapped in a bucket.  And Nikita wanted to hop out so we had to bring the boat back up on to shore.  So I went in with Mr Miller and then he took it back up on to shore and so I went with Mrs Roil I was doing the tiller and Mrs roil was doing the rope and so the Optimist Yachting was pretty good.  For Kayaking  I went in a single and I got so tired I could not even move my arms!

Rating: 9/10

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dear Diary

Day one
Dear Diary, my name is Emma and in the production I am playing a bird.  OMG I justed had the craziest dream last night.   I was in the weirdest  BIRD costume and who would have thought I would ever be in one.  Wait a second ,that is going to actually going to  happen hopefully I wont fall of the stage though because that is what happen in  my dream.
Day two
My hands are trembling but every Morning I wake up and I am getting more and more excited.  Singing the songs over and over again  is so boring I am getting sick of it but I guess it is good to practice.  I went to bed last night and I could not stop singing poi e over and over again it is getting really annoying now.


Day three
The bit that I like about production is that I FINALLY have a line to say instead of just singing “now that was boring but I am also pretty scared but it is better than singing.  The thing I do not really like about the production is singing the songs over and over,also I do not really like going over the
whole show over and over again


Day four
I am exhausted and I couldn’t feel much better (not) .  It was our FIRST show last night  and I am so tired I could just fall asleep writing this right now but I am not going to.  As the brothers walked on it was our time to go on as well !!!  But…… when I got up onto stage I needed to cough so when I said my line my voice was a little croaky and when I mean little bit crokey  I am mean A LOT.


Thursday, August 14, 2014


Imagining a day in the life of summer, he is thinking of himself with a tan. Guess who it is? Olaf, the only talking, singing, dancing snowman. A snowman that Elsa created with her magical powers not knowing that it could talk or even be alive.   

Olaf has sparkly eyes that shine in the distance.   He also has a bright orange carrot for his nose.  Olaf has three shiny pebbles and sticks for his arms, he also has a tiny bit of hair on him that sticks up.   It is almost  like a bad hair day.

Olaf jumps about the snow with his friends.  Olaf enjoys singing and dancing around trees.  He is usually hopping along in the snow ,chatting to his friends and playing with his tiny nose.  He is often seen singing and telling jokes to all his friends.

Olaf has sticks for his arms and carrot for his nose he is still full of humour.  He skips in the snow well day dreaming about about summer.   Sometimes you might see Olaf singing or trying to find his arms and legs.

Friday, August 01, 2014


Synthesis Title- Geckos

Prior Knowledge - what I already know
New Information - what I read in the text
Synthesis - my new understanding is
Geckos don’t have eyelids so they lick their eyes

Geckos change colours to hide from other creatures

Geckos have five toes

geckos are in the lizard family

some Geckos can come in different colours some are spotted,green and other colours

Geckos have detachable tails

The Gecko has  two or three tails

The Gecko's tail also helps it to balance when climbing trees.

when Geckos are travelling at speed they use their tail to stair them.
The Geckos are from the lizard family and they lick their eyes because they do not have eyelids

Geckos use their tail for when they are running at speed they use their tails to control themselves they also use it to balance when climbing trees.     

The geckos have five toes and detachable tails       

My Dad

                   MY   DAD
Half an  hour on the toilet here we go again come on  I really need to go hurry up JUST WAIT and there goes the growling voice.  Never mind, I don’t need to go now.  My Dad is really fun and spends hours in the bathroom.  He is really funny and sometimes whips us with a tea towel.  He loves the song happy but I don’t know why because he usually isn't that happy or doesn't have a smile on his dile.  My dad is really loud but that doesn’t mind us because the Jarvis house is never quiet.  We call our dad the Ginger so it is not my fault  I am redheaded.   Dad tries to be in as many triathlons as possible and he is best at his swimming.      

My dad would ALWAYS play tricks on me, scare me, do whatever.  My dad has a face that he always use’s whenever I get in trouble it is  sort is a demon look on his face.  It is scarey but I have got used to it over the past few years.  

Whenever us kids are naughty dad sort of reacts like this.  GET IN YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW!  dad say’s with a RED face.  I   Kick the walls and I walk down the hallway stomping as hard as I can slamming my door right behind me.  Dad stomps  into my room with a furious face on him.

Dads favorite thing in the entire world is us kids Kate,Nicole and ME (Emma).   He spends a lot of time he is  watching tv,  he watches it 10.7 and I am not kidding!  Unless he is out training for a triathlon or putting ice on his leg.   Dad is most proud of his marlene it was a HUGE fish.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Action world

                       ACTION WORLD

Guess what I did in the holidays.  I went to  ACTION WORLD  it is just like inflatable world but better!  It is in Taupo and it has a tightrope,a restling are,a very steep slide and it makes you go flying in to the air also a huge pole that inflates and you try hit people off it and it is probable 10 meters of the ground!  Then there is a trampoline and  you jump on it and do flips onto these things that have been inflated  and last but not least a huge swing but it is not a normal swing it is one that has  a metal bar that you hold onto and then you go flying in to the air. I went with my two sisters Kate and Nicole and mum also so one of mum’s friends and a boy called Jack who goes camping with us.  What was my favorite ride?

When we arrived at action world  my heart was pounding to get out of the car I ran to the deck where you pay as fast as I could so I would not be shoved to the back.  The first thing I wanted to go on was the tightrope but there was I line for that so I decided to go on the 10 meter drop of aren  I versed Nicole and I won but over the weeks it had been raining and Nicole landed into a huge puddle and was soaking wet!

I raced jack down to the back where the slide  was  I grabbed a mat and ran up the stairs  I asked Jack to go down and test it because when you are standing at the top it is really scary.  It was fine so I took one deep breath hopped into my sack and……… Jack come up again and pushed me down the slide ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  was that fun yelled jack at the top of his voice well he was laughing  NO I replied come on lets go on the tightrope Kate was already up there doing it.  HI KATE I yelled ahh and she fell of opps why did you do that Emma I don’t know? I said.  
After  we had done everything at action world we went to the hot pools and went down all the water slides

In the holidays we went to action world my two sisters Kate and Nicole and so did mum and her friend Jack also came to action land and my favourite ride was the tightrope .

Monday, June 23, 2014

Matariki day

(workshops cooking)

On Tuesday 17th of June  we had a celebration for the stars of Matariki. We got to learn about maori for a day.   There were workshops set up for us, there was rakau, making a  Poi, weaving and also maori games. My favourite thing of all was cooking.
We had to to put flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and then we cooked it. When they were in the oven we looked inside the oven, they look like fish to me but it was  fried bread.  Sounds nice I thought to myself.

When they were out of the oven we got to eat them. There was golden syrup, butter and raspberry jam that you could put on them. I put on golden syrup and butter on mine.  It was really nice. Then I tried jam, I thought the butter one was better.

On tuesday the 17th of June we had a celebration for the stars of matariki and my favorite thing to do was cooking (fried bread).

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Mystery That Nobody Solved


My idea of the picture is that in the past there was a family living in a forest when they left strange things begin to happen who is doing it and why?
This story is a little bit scary so what age should it be for?

The story is about a family that are called the Herricks
they  moved into  the city but left Isaiah just in the bush and a huge house called the Herricks house. when Isaiah walked into the house and discover secrets but not only secrets but a 12 year old drama queen to help him on the way.

I chose the title the mystery that nobody solved because I just think it grabs the reders eye and also it sounds really intresting.  Next time when I do this I think I should position it bit more tidery and not all over the place here is a piture of it.

I think a good age for this book is 7 and over just because it can be scary.  This story is about a family that lived in the herricks house and left they also left a boy in the bush but what does he discover.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hockey skills (Blocking)

Hockey skills

What is hockey?  Hockey is a sport that is played in the winter.  You can play it on fields ,turf or even ice.  It is played with a candy cane shaped stick  and also a small  hard ball. There has to be at least 11 people on the field at a time.  You also want to wear safety gear like mouth guards and shoes  just in case you lose your teeth on the way, or if the ball rolls onto your feet.

Blocking is a type of skill that you use in hockey.   Blocking is stopping the ball and controlling it.  It also helps when you need to strike the ball.  But at all time you need your eyes on the ball to know where the ball is going of course.

Firstly, to block you need to stand straight on and have the hockey stick facing the flat side.  You have to remember to  always  hit the flat side facing the way where the ball is.  

Secondly,  you need to have your body behind the stick.  This also means that the stick needs to be below the waist.  You have to have one hand down where the grip ends and one hand up the top where the grip starts.  Also you have to have your body behind the stick.

You need to give a little that means  when the ball is coming to you , you  need to move the stick back as well as moving your body back so the ball loses some force well it is coming towards you.

Finally, keep your eye on the ball this is the most important thing is to do because if you don’t you could miss the ball.   Or the other team could get the ball and score a goal or if you're the goalie and you're looking at the sky you would not be a  very good goalie then.

Hockey is a sport that is played in the winter . there has to be at least 11 people on the field at a time.  know you know how to block so next time you're playing hockey use  this skill.

these are some facts about spaceScreenshot 2014-05-16 at 12.48.50.png

Thursday, May 08, 2014

photo.JPG This is my Kauri tree art.  The words on the outside discribe the tree.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

Captain Cook

CAPTAIN COOKFile:Captain-James-Cook.jpg

Captain cook was a famous explorer he was famous for discovering New Zealand.
Captain Cook was born on October 27 in  1728 in Marton England.  Captain Cook was killed by natives in Hawaii.  Captain Cook’s full name is  Captain James Cook

Captain Cook sailed to the Pacific on a ship called the Endeviour.  He discovered New Zealand and first landed in Gisborne at the  place called Young Nick’s Head.  He went on to discover the South Island as well.

There was one thing that Captain Cook did not know about. It was a type of sea sickness that you could get it is called scurvy.  He also did not know that in the food that he was giving his crew had vitamin c in it so only one got very sick.

Captain Cook was a famous explorer.   He was the  first european person  to every discover New Zealand.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

the kindness boomerang

(missing toy ) THE KINDNESS BOOMERANG When I was kind to someone I found Nicoles soft toy she got it when she was round 6 or 7 and cares about it a lot and I mean a lot. When the good came back to me: we went to Wellington we were staying at a friends house for round 3 days and when we went to go back to hasting I lost my soft toy and i got this when i was 3 so I was worried and they sent it back to my . (yay). What is the kindness boomerang? A kindness boomerang is when somebody does something good to somebody and then that person is good to someone and it