Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Action world

                       ACTION WORLD

Guess what I did in the holidays.  I went to  ACTION WORLD  it is just like inflatable world but better!  It is in Taupo and it has a tightrope,a restling are,a very steep slide and it makes you go flying in to the air also a huge pole that inflates and you try hit people off it and it is probable 10 meters of the ground!  Then there is a trampoline and  you jump on it and do flips onto these things that have been inflated  and last but not least a huge swing but it is not a normal swing it is one that has  a metal bar that you hold onto and then you go flying in to the air. I went with my two sisters Kate and Nicole and mum also so one of mum’s friends and a boy called Jack who goes camping with us.  What was my favorite ride?

When we arrived at action world  my heart was pounding to get out of the car I ran to the deck where you pay as fast as I could so I would not be shoved to the back.  The first thing I wanted to go on was the tightrope but there was I line for that so I decided to go on the 10 meter drop of aren  I versed Nicole and I won but over the weeks it had been raining and Nicole landed into a huge puddle and was soaking wet!

I raced jack down to the back where the slide  was  I grabbed a mat and ran up the stairs  I asked Jack to go down and test it because when you are standing at the top it is really scary.  It was fine so I took one deep breath hopped into my sack and……… Jack come up again and pushed me down the slide ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  was that fun yelled jack at the top of his voice well he was laughing  NO I replied come on lets go on the tightrope Kate was already up there doing it.  HI KATE I yelled ahh and she fell of opps why did you do that Emma I don’t know? I said.  
After  we had done everything at action world we went to the hot pools and went down all the water slides

In the holidays we went to action world my two sisters Kate and Nicole and so did mum and her friend Jack also came to action land and my favourite ride was the tightrope .